Refill Request

Need to refill your furry friend’s medication, supplement, or prescription food?

If so, fill out this form to submit a refill request. We can only approve request for pets that we have done an exam on in the last year. Some medications require an exam with one of our veterinarians and/or blood work may need to be done before the medication can be filled. These procedures and policies are put into place for the safety of your pet. 
Refill request will take 24 – 48 hours to process and fill.

Medication/Prescription Food

Please list one medication/prescription food per field. Please write the exact medication or prescription food name.

Examples: 1 tablet twice a day, 1 capsule once daily, 1/2 tablet as needed for stress, 1mL twice a day, 1 treat once a month, 1 packet on food once a day
I understand that medication request will take 24-48 hours to be filled. *

I understand that my pet has to have had an exam at GVVH in the last year for GVVH to fill prescription medications and food. I understand that some medications need an exam and/or blood work before they can be filled.

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