Dental Care

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Dental Care for Pets

Routine dental care for your dog or cat is just as important as your own. Pets tend to develop gingivitis and tartar build-up because unlike humans, they do not brush their teeth on a daily basis. Left untreated, it can cause pain for your pet, interfere with their eating, and even bacteria can spread to other organs in their body causing problems. At German Village Veterinary Hospital in Columbus, Ohio, our vets offer teeth cleaning and advanced dental care for both cats and dogs.

Our Dental Cleanings and Procedures

Unlike when humans get their teeth cleaned, dogs, cats, and other animals will not sit cooperatively with their mouths open while we clean their teeth. Therefore, general anesthesia is required. Many times anesthesia scares owners. This is why we take extra measures to provide the best care for your pet. Our doctors will do a physical exam and blood work prior to any dental procedures to look for any abnormalities or anesthetic contraindications.
All of our dental patients have an IV catheter placed, are hooked up to fluids, heart rate is monitored both manually and through an EKG, blood pressure, respiration rate, and temperature are all monitored as well. In addition our veterinarians will develop an anesthetic protocol specific to your pet’s needs.

Most pets will need their teeth cleaned once a year, however some dogs and cats may be more prone to dental disease and need their teeth cleaned more frequently. Likewise, others are blessed with good dental health and can go several years in between dental cleanings. You can help prolong the time in between your pet’s dental by doing at home dental care. We carry dental food, water additives, oral rinses, and toothbrush and toothpaste kits that you can use at home. The more you can do, the better it will be for your pet’s oral health.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Recommended Dental Treats

When looking for dental products for your pet, make sure to look for the Veterinary Oral Health Council seal.

VOHC exists to recognize products that meet pre-set standards of plaque and calculus (tartar) retardation in dogs and cats. Products are awarded the VOHC Seal of Acceptance following review of data from trials conducted according to VOHC protocols. The VOHC does not test products itself.

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